What Does Hero Mean?



The story of Jonathan, Michael and Anthony clearly demonstrates SPIN’s commitment to supporting people to live a life of possibilities.  These three young men met as children and traveled through their years enjoying each other’s company, learning and growing.  Their parents also became friends and offered support to each other through good times and bad.  The three men had been receiving support and services from SPIN since they were children.  About two years ago, these families approached SPIN to discuss the possibility of Jonathan, Mike and Anthony living together in a SPIN community living arrangement. They were helping each man develop skills, at home, to reach this goal.  After many meetings, hard work, expressions of fears, tears and laughter the guys were ready.  A perfect home was located and renovated for their specific needs and it happened. 

In July 2015, these three men moved to Jackson Street in a Northeast community.  It is truly a home with friends and families always welcome.  On Labor Day 2015 they held a picnic where they gathered with SPIN team members, extended family and longtime friends.  This was a celebration of their achievement towards independence and the true labor of love it took to make this dream a reality.  As one mom said, the cookout made the guys truly feel that now, Jackson Street, is their home.  They know that family and friends will be a big part of their life in their new house.  We truly feel lucky and blessed.  This story represents the SPIN definition of hero; three young men working hard to defeat the disability label, families challenging them to learn and grow, and neighbors welcoming them to the Torresdale community. 

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