About Us

The Wawa Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded by Wawa, Inc. to support Wawa’s charitable giving and philanthropic activities.

The Wawa Foundation’s purpose is:  Fulfilling Lives Every Day, by Building Stronger Communities.

Board Members:

Chairperson: Jared Culotta, Treasurer, Wawa, Inc.
Richard D. Wood, Director of Government Affairs & Sustainability, Wawa, Inc.
Maria Kalogredis, Deputy General Counsel, Wawa, Inc.
Terri Micklin, Director of Construction, Wawa, Inc.
Tom Rachubinski, Corporate Controller, Wawa, Inc.
Lori Bruce, Public Relations Manager, Wawa, Inc.
Pat Cahill, Manager of Store Operations Support and Communication, Wawa, Inc.
Steven Gamble, Marketing Services Manager, Wawa, Inc.
Karen Genello, Director of Internal Audit & Loss Prevention Service, Wawa, Inc.
Mendy Meriwether, Brand Manager, Wawa, Inc.
Kevin McGrath, Area Manager, Wawa, Inc.
Jason Read, Director of Store Operations, Wawa, Inc.
Adam Schall, Senior Director of Store Operations Processes and Technology, Wawa, Inc.