Coded by Kids

Coded by Kids’ mission is to prepare underrepresented young people to succeed as tech and innovation leaders through high-quality tech education, project-based learning, mentorship, and real-world business opportunities.  The organization began as a passion project for military veteran and Germantown, Philadelphia native Sylvester Mobley who has grown the organization’s impact from serving a few children in a Philadelphia recreation center to an organization that now serves hundreds of children per year in numerous locations. Today, Coded by Kids educates, inspires, and mentors the next generation of tech and innovation leaders in Philadelphia with programs that teach web development, digital design, tech startup and entrepreneurship concepts, hosting citywide coding competitions, internships, and mentoring opportunities to help kids gain technical skills.  Coded by Kids is encouraging kids to become heroes in their own futures with programs that will prepare them to track into scalable, high-growth and high-skilled careers.


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